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If it's broken, fix it!

We are lucky to work with some of our customers most precious possessions. When an item is carries sentimental value or are embedded into our daily life like a watch or wedding ring, it's so important we give them the care they need. 

We have over 40 years of experience and aim to provide outstanding customer service and advise on all your jewellery and watch needs. 



Minor Repairs

Minor jewellery repairs can often be carried out in store, while you wait. Please bring in your item for more guidance.

General Repairs

The below is to be used as a guide. Each jewellery repair is different so prices and timescales may vary. Most repairs take between 7 to 10 days. If we aren't able to give a price, we will estimate the work which will take around 7 to 10 days.

 From £45.00

Polish and Re-rhodium  

From £65.00

Re tipping of rings

 From £45.00

Gold soldering 

 from £45.00



From buying to repairing your watch and all things in between! Turnaround times are approximate depending on the parts required and availability. Price will vary by watch brand and mechanicsl

Battery Replacements
Normally can be done while you wait.
From £8.50   |   Screwback from £20

If it can't be done in the shop and requires going
to our workshop. 1-2 weeks.
From £40.00

Battery to be replaced, resealed and pressure tested.
(If you would to keep your watches water Resistance)1-2 weeks.
From £65.00

Glass Replacements
From 2 weeks. From £60.00


From 2 weeks.
Quartz Servicing. From £180.00

Mechanical Servicing. From £270.00

General & Minor Repairs
From 2 weeks. From £45.00

Clock Repairs

Quartz movement replacement
From £45.00

Case & Bracelet Cleaning
Including where possible. Part job from £15.00

Watch bracelet adjustment
Normally while you wait. From £20

Leather strap replacement
Normally while you wait. From £14.95 depending on strap and size needed


Above & Beyond

Complimentary Gift Wrapping

On all items, no matter how big or small! We will take care of the wrapping, and you can take the credit!

Gold Buying
We buy in gold, silver and platinum to be recycled. Bring in all your unwanted or broken items for a quote. Prices vary daily and we need photographic ID with your address on it.


We offer the following engraving services on a variety of items. This can be an item bought from us or an item you have that you'd like engraved. 

The method of engraving depends on the item and length of message, so bring it in or get in touch for some advice.

Machine engraving From £25.00 (from 7 days)

Computerised Engraving from £30.00 (from 7 days)

Hand Engraving From £100.00 (from 2 weeks)

Ear Piercing

We have over 40 years experience piercing ear lobes. It is from £35.00, this includes the studs a bottle of cleaning solution and aftercare guide. We can pierce ears at the same time for those who may be a little worried.

We are approved by the local government act 1982

Valuation Services
We offer a range of valuations including insurance replacement, probate and family division issues. These are all valued at our head office by an Independent Registered Valuer. (NAG). We also hold popular Valuation Days. Check our social media for details on those.

Click here to view our valuations information sheet

Entrusted with our Customers most precious items,

Not sure what
you need?

We have a wealth of knowledge and advice ready to give you. Pop in or give us a call with your questions and we'll be sure to help you out.

Know it's worth

It is so important to have an up to date valuation of your jewellery.

We carry out a range of valuations on site by an Independent Registered Valuer (NAG) including:

Insurance replacement | Probate | Family Devision

Learn more about Valuations with these helpful videos

The importance of Hallmarks

The hallmark has protected jewellers and consumers for hundreds of years and remains the buyer’s guarantee that they are buying genuine precious metal

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