Frequently asked questions

What language is spoken in Cambodia?

Khmer is the official language of the country, spoken by nearly 90% of the population. Most street signs within the country are bilingual written in both Khmer and English and French is also spoken throughout Cambodia.

What currency is used in Cambodia?

The Cambodian riel is the official currency used in Cambodia. However, USD are widely accepted within the country. ATMs can be found in all major cities.

When is the best time to travel to Cambodia?

Between November and March is high season for the country as there is very little rain during this time. The country is warm year round and receives most of its rainfall from July to September.

Is Cambodian friendly?

Cambodian are very friendly by their nature. You will recieve a warm welcome with their smile just by saying hello to them.

Is it safe while travelling in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a pretty safe place to travel. Still there are cases has been shared, hence it's best to be cautious while travelling.

How can I travel to other places in Cambodia?

If you are planning to get around Cambodia, there are bus companies and private taxis are also available throughout Cambodia. However, the bus operations are still limited, so the way is to plan ahead then check bus schedule and it's availability.




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